Unfortunate Love Zee World Full Story plot is around a girl from a small village who believes in love and dreams.
When she finds out that her marriage to a young billionaire is the result of a pact between their families, her hopes are dashed.

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Hailing from a working-class Punjabi Hindu family, the Bajwas are good to go to get their oldest girl Lakshmi wedded to Varun. In any case, when Lakshmi and her family are en route to the mandap in a transport, a tempest hits and the transport winds up hanging over a bluff.

Unfortunate Love Zee World Full Story plot

Everybody with the exception of Lakshmi’s folks figures out how to escape the transport alright. Manoj tumbles off the transport and hangs on it and makes his sibling guarantee that he will get Lakshmi hitched. The transport with Kuljeet Manoj still in it tumbles down the bluff. Kuljeet and Manoj, bite the dust in a mishap, leaving Lakshmi debilitated and broken. Then again, Lakshmi’s auntie, Rano needs to usurp Manoj’s property. She asks Manoj’s collaborator, Master Charan to open the protected to get the cash, notwithstanding, he dismisses her and says that Manoj’s last wish was to get Lakshmi hitched and that after Rano finishes his last desire, she can take everything. Rano later chooses to claim to show Master that she will give the sisters a decent life and she starts her arrangement by breaking Lakshmi’s marriage with Varun, to take her to Mumbai and wed her off to some man.

Before long, Rano, Preetam, Neha, Lakshmi, Shalu, and Bani leave for Mumbai. They end up crash arriving in an inn that has a place with Rishi Oberoi, child of an industrialist, who is by all accounts presumptuous and underhanded, yet he is likewise essentially as kind and benevolent as Lakshmi. Afterward, Lakshmi and her sisters conceal in Rishi’s office while Rishi becomes disappointed about behind schedule to a model’s occasion and individuals intruding his 5-star inn. Lakshmi gets Rishi to guarantee that he will not get them captured however Rishi breaks the commitment and gets them captured for intruding and taking an auto. Rano and Preetam get them liberated with the assistance of Rishi’s driver, Balwinder who covertly desires for Neha.

Balwinder does as Rano says and afterward a few days ago at Balwinder and Lakshmi’s wedding, Balwinder becomes inebriated and expresses ludicrous things about Rishi and his lodging. Rishi’s trip to France gets dropped and he hurries to the inn. There he sees the awful state of his inn and he chides Balwinder and faults him for the unfortunate state of his lodging. The inn bursts into flames, everyone gets out. Rishi races into the lodging to guarantee no one is stuck inside except for he stalls out in a room and, due to breathing in smoke, he blacks out. Lakshmi acts the hero him. The following day, Rishi’s dad comes to say thanks to Lakshmi and gets exceptionally impacted by her straightforwardness and great childhood and asks Rano and her better half to wed Lakshmi to Rishi yet they misjudge that he was requesting Neha. Rishi’s dad passes something very similar on to a confounded Rishi and Neelam (Rishi’s mom). They consent to meet Lakshmi for once.

Some other time when Rishi’s folks show up to give shagun to Lakshmi, the misconception gets cleared and Virendra (Rishi’s dad) requests that Lakshmi choose. In any case, in the wake of being supported by Virendra (seeing her dad in him), Lakshmi consents to meet Rishi out on the town and afterward choose. Consequently, Rishi and Lakshmi prepare to go out on the town. Lakshmi then, at that point, gets intrigued by him. Afterward, the two go for supper and Lakshmi sees his magnanimity there as well. Lakshmi telephones up Neha and Rano to let them know that Rishi was nothing similar to Rano and Neha had depicted. Returning home, Balwinder assaults Rishi’s vehicle however the two of them save one another. Rishi welcomes Bajwas to his birthday. At the party, Rishi and Lakshmi succumb to one another and Rishi proposes to Lakshmi for marriage. She consents to the marriage. Rishi’s dad declares Rishi and Lakshmi’s commitment the following day. All get cheerful with the exception of Neha, Rano, and Balwinder. In commitment, Balwinder shows a few phony personal pictures of him and Lakshmi and attempts to break the commitment yet Rishi shows his tremendous confidence in Lakshmi and demonstrates her guiltless and sends Balwinder to imprison. The two of them get ready for marriage and Lakshmi begins experiencing passionate feelings for Rishi.

The marriage occasions begin to happen when Balwinder and his hooligans attempt to abduct Lakshmi and wed her. Be that as it may, Abhi and Pragya save her. After that Neha attempts to make Lakshmi oblivious and wed Rishi. Be that as it may, her arrangement gets thwarted in view of Srishti and Rakhi. Balwinder attempts to make Lakshmi hydrate so she can be oblivious anyway Karan, Sameer and Preeta foil his arrangement. At last, Rishi and Lakshmi get hitched. In any case, Rishi shows his real nature and admits that he doesn’t adore Lakshmi and he was constrained into the marriage. Nanaji (Neelam’s father) requests that Lakshmi and Rishi go for a special first night. For Nanaji, the two of them go on vacation. Notwithstanding, Rishi falls into a lake and is caught by a crocodile. Lakshmi saves him however both get harmed. To visit Rishi, Rishi’s sweetheart Malishka comes there. It is uncovered that Rishi is hitched to Lakshmi simply because of his Kundali Dosh and Lakshmi is the main young lady who can continuously save him. It is likewise uncovered that following 1 year Rishi is wanting to separate from Lakshmi and get hitched to Malishka.

During Karva Chauth a snake nibbles Rishi and Lakshmi saves him by sucking out the toxic substance. In the rescue vehicle, Rishi acquires awareness however Lakshmi blacks out as she sucked all the toxic substance from Rishi’s body. In the emergency clinic, Rishi feels regretful and it is seen that gradually Rishi has begun really focusing on Lakshmi. After that Ayush and Virendra commitment to bring Rishi and Lakshmi close. During Diwali Rishi and Lakshmi draw nearer. Malishka enters the party with Viraj. Later on, Lakshmi admits her adoration for Rishi to him however Rishi loves Malishka and Lakshmi becomes acquainted with about their undertaking. She breaks every one of the binds with Rishi and his family and gets back to her uncle’s home. In the mean time, her auntie was intending to get them a separation so when Lakshmi was resting she took her fingerprints cunningly and went to Rishi’s home and let them know that Lakshmi needs a separation.

Rishi misconstrues Lakshmi however before long misses her and loves her yet doesn’t know about his sentiments towards her maddening Malishka. Malishka and Rishi unwittingly go to a similar gem retailer to purchase Malishka’s marriage adornments where Lakshmi is likewise working. Malishka embarrasses Lakshmi and blames her for taking her accessory however Rishi comes in time and saves Lakshmi. After a progression of occasions when Lakshmi and Rishi petition for legal separation in the tension of their particular families; the appointed authority orders Lakshmi to remain with Rishi for a considerable length of time. Reluctantly Neelam takes Lakshmi back to Oberoi House.

Malishka attempts to make Lakshmi’s picture somewhere around illuminating Lakshmi’s desired journalists to wed Rishi in the eagerness of abundance. In any case, when the paper comes, it is uncovered to Malishka that Shalu informed the correspondents about Malishka as “the other lady” in the existence of Rishi and Lakshmi. The Oberois fault Lakshmi for demolishing Malishka’s picture. Things deteriorate when “Mahila Morcha” come to Oberoi house and embarrass Malishka by putting dark variety all over. Kiran, Neelam and Karishma attack Lakshmi and fault her of calling the Mahila Morcha. Rishi returns and learns of this, and in the tension of his family, he chooses to get drawn in to Malishka. During the commitment of Malishka and Rishi, the wedding band gets taken and Lakshmi is faulted for this, but later she substantiates herself blameless.

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Shalu gets the appointed authority time and stops the commitment. The following day, a wedding proposition for Ahana comes from London. Lakshmi assumes the liability of making mainland nourishment for them, yet Malishka ruins her work. Lakshmi atlast dazzles Ahana’s would-to-be parents in law with her Indian food. Lakshmi tracks down Ahana in an emergency clinic and gets stunned to discover that Ahana is pregnant with the child of her ex. To save Ahana’s proposition to be engaged, Lakshmi prints her name in Ahana’s pregnancy report. The Oberois get stunned to hear the insight about Lakshmi’s pregnancy and blame her for duping Rishi. To make things hard for Lakshmi, Malishka calls Balvinder to Oberoi House to demolish her personality. Balvinder deceives the Oberoi family that Lakshmi is pregnant with his youngster and attempts to take her with him however Rishi slaps him.

Brief Details and Information on Unfortunate Love Zee World Series

Class: Family Show Series
First Episode: Not Yet Declared
Complete number of episodes: 295
Complete quantities of Season: One
Channel: Zee World television Africa
Network: Zee television Watch
Unique name: Bhagya Lakshmi
Tele Country: Indian Bollywood Drama
Last Episode: Nothing

Basic Cast, Characters, Real Names, and Images for unfortunate Love Zee World

Aishwarya Khare as Lakshmi Rishi Oberoi (née Bajwa) : Kuljeet and Manoj’s oldest little girl; Shalu and Bani’s sister; Neha’s cousin; Rishi’s significant other (2021-present)
Rohit Suchanti as Rishi Oberoi: Neelam and Virendra’s child; Sonia’s sibling; Ahana, Ayush and Devika’s cousin; Lakshmi’s significant other (2021-present)
Munira Kudrati as Shalini “Shalu” Bajwa: Kuljeet and Manoj’s subsequent little girl; Bani and Lakshmi’s sister; Neha’s cousin; Ayush’s old flame (2021-present)
Aman Gandhi as Ayushmann “Ayush” Chopra: Karishma and Manpreet’s child; Ahana’s sibling; Rishi, Devika and Sonia’s cousin; Shalu’s old flame (2021-present)
Maera Mishra as Malishka Bedi: Kiran and Abhay’s girl; Rishi’s uneven sweetheart; Viraj’s closest companion and ex-life partner (2021-present)
Mansi Bhanushali as Bani Bajwa: Kuljeet and Manoj’s most youthful girl; Lakshmi’s and Shalu’s sister; Neha’s cousin (2021-present)
Smita Bansal as Neelam Oberoi: Virendra’s better half; Rishi and Sonia’s mom (2021-present)
Uday Tikekar as Virendra Oberoi: Harleen and Vishwas’ child; Karishma and Mahendra’s sibling; Neelam’s better h

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