The Power Of Love GlowTV Full Story Summary: Prior to freedom in country Bengal, Anirudh Roy Choudhary, a 19-year-old counselor, gets back from London to Tulsipur, to clear out customs and cultural convictions which forestall the advancement of ladies. He is set to wed his experience growing up Affection, Saudamini “Small scale” Bhaumik. In the interim, Bondita Das is a 11-year-old Bengali Hindu young lady, who lives with her bereft mother Sumati, maternal uncle Sundaram, auntie Devoleena, and cousin Sampoorna.

Sundaram and Devoleena choose to have Bondita wed an older man, while Sampoorna is set to wed Saurabh, Anirudh’s closest companion. Be that as it may, the old man passes on startlingly bites the dust halfway through the wedding customs and Anirudh needs to wed Bondita to stop her become a piece of Sati. Small plots to isolate Anirudh and Bondita with Anirudh’s dad, Binoy’s assistance. Anirudh will not perceive Bondita as his better half and rather considers her to be his obligation.

Anirudh assists Bondita with defeating the injury of her dad’s demise brought about by a venomous snakebite. Presently, Anirudh plans to teach Bondita himself, after a nearby home mentor builds her anxiety toward concentrates by utilizing severe discipline strategies. Nonetheless, Bondita bunks her classes as she unexpectedly assists a misrepresentation with monitoring named Brijwasi Babu, who professes to be a gigantic enthusiast of Ruler Krishna to save Sampoona’s marriage after her parents in law request more settlement.

She helps him, however tragically gets found out by Anirudh who sends her back to the town, believing her to be the justification for Saudamini’s visual deficiency and his persuasive family’s suffocated regard.

Some time later, it is uncovered that Saudamini was tricking Anirudh of her phony visual impairment, and deceives him to go through a night with her. Anirudh who knew nothing about her goals helps her and goes to her home around evening time, just to get sedated by her. A couple of locals let Anirudh know that he needs to wed Saudamini, as he went through a night with her which is exploitative as per their customs, he reluctantly consents to get drawn in to her, however just to save her respect.

Back in Devipur, Bondita is abused to be left by her significant other and is named as a Chodi Huyi Aurat. To defeat the hardships Bondita is causing them, and even save Sampoorna’s marriage; Devoleena offers her to a whorehouse, advising her that she’s sending her to meet Gandhi Ji. A blameless Bondita concurs and leaves. In the mean time, in Tulsipur, a whorehouse artist named Rasiya Bai tells Anirudh and his group of her evil treatment back in her town.

Labeling him as a two-timer, and a misrepresentation individual who makes guarantees, however can’t satisfy them, her words commit Anirudh understand his error, and Bondita’s actual goal to help Brijwasi after Sampoorna comes clean with him.

Anirudh goes to Bondita’s town to get her covered and apologize for his activities to her and her mom. As he arrives at there, he is educated by Devoleena, that Bondita took off, unfit to take additional affronts. Anirudh, in this manner, takes upon his shoulders and commitments Bondita’s mom, that he will bring her back, free from any potential harm.

In Kolkata, Devoleena seals Bondita to a massage parlor, Hira Mandi. Tarabai, the proprietor of the massage parlor, glosses over Bondita and causes them to accept that this is the perfect locations for her, while Bondita stays determined about gathering Gandhi Ji. Anirudh masked himself as Salim and goes to safeguard Bondita with the assistance of Saurav after she protects him from the blade Tarabai hit Anirudh with. They figure out how to track down Bondita and take it upon his shoulders to accept each young lady out from that point. Finally, when Anirudh’s foul play is uncovered, Tarabai takes steps to kill him and Bondita, yet Rasiya saves them and kicks the bucket at the same time.

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The force of adoration glowtv full story synopsis
Anirudh and Bondita return to Tulsipur and uncover Saudamin’s abhorrent expectations. Bondita communicates her longing to get taught with other young men in the neighborhood school of Tulsipur. To get Bondita owned up to the school, Anirudh needs to get her affirmation structure signature by the new lead representative general of Tulsipur, Sir John Greenwood. At the party, Anirudh and the Roy Chaudhary are stunned to track down Saudamini as Greenwood’s significant other, Betty. She provokes them to win an instructive rivalry, between Anirudh’s group which incorporates Bondita, and the protected young ladies from Hira Mandi, and Saudamini’s group which comprises of the best young men from the field. Anirudh and his group figure out how to win the opposition.

With Anirudh’s assistance, Bondita begins to go to class as the main young lady from Tulsipur. Nonetheless, Scaled down hijacks Bondita and secures her in a substance manufacturing plant. Saurabh saves Bondita however bites the dust himself at the same time. Scaled down is captured alongside Saurabh’s dad, Premlal, who attempts to kill Anirudh to vindicate Saurabh’s demise. Anirudh lets Bondita know that he believes her should turn into a lawyer. Binoy weds the bereft Sampoorna in the wake of being extorted by Sampoorna’s folks.

Presently a short time later, Anirudh and Bondita invalidate their union with help the 1929 Youngster Marriage Restriction Act. Bondita’s grandaunt, Kalindi (otherwise called Thaku Maa), enters and takes Bondita to Krishna Nagar, making destruction in the existences of Anirudh and Bondita. She designs Bondita’s union with Chandrachur Banerjee, yet a hidden Anirudh salvages her. Bondita chooses to turn into a counselor, and Anirudh sends her to London to satisfy her fantasy. Kalindi places Bondita’s cousin, Tupur in her place to wed, to save her name. Chandrachur is drawn to Bondita and consequently reluctantly weds Tupur.

After 8 years

Bondita is presently grown up and gets back to Tulsipur subsequent to turning into a counselor. Sadly, she finds out about the factionalism among Tulsipur and Krishna Nagar, as Kalindi and the RoChoudhury have now become nemeses. Anirudh will not see Bondita, as she is connected with Krishna Nagar yet misses her. Bondita is informed that after she left, when Kalindi had at last consented to begin another cordial relationship with Roy Choudhury, Anirudh double-crossed them by setting up a bomb behind gifts. Bondita will not trust it and goes to Tulsipur as Vaijayanti to track down reality. She is stunned to track down an intellectually debilitated Binoy. Sampoorna uncovers to her that Krishna Nagar gave them harmed food and went after them, which brought about Binoy going distraught. Bondita figures out how to change Anirudh’s inconsiderate way of behaving in the long run. In a new development, she is uncovered while saving Binoy. As Anirudh stays silent and doesn’t uphold her, she breaks all relations with him. Anirudh, who feels regretful, understands that he has fallen head over heels for Bondita and admits his sentiments to her. Bondita pardons him and they figure out how to persuade their families to end their quarrel. Their marriage is fixed and they get hitched.

On the wedding night, Chandrachur plans to attack Bondita. Nonetheless, he gets Bondita’s cousin Tapur, attempting to uncover his aim, and attacks her all things considered. Anirudh discovers him in the act and pursues him. In a spot of occasions, he coincidentally pushes Chandrachur off a precipice. Anirudh acknowledges the wrongdoing to save Tapur’s poise. Bondita battles for Anirudh’s case. After much examination, she figures out reality and urges Tapur to affirm in court however gets embarrassed by open examiner Subodh Chatterjee. Bondita later finds Tupur’s exercises dubious and observes that Chandrachur is as yet alive. She figures out how to tie him up and causes him to admit to every one of his wrongdoings, including that he was the person who concealed bombs behind Anirudh’s gifts and harmed their food. Bondita wins the case, demonstrating Anirudh is honest and turns into a motivation to every one of the ladies. Anirudh and Bondita at last consummate their marriage.

In a new development, Bondita is hauled and tossed in the waterway by certain residents who support male centric society and think about Bondita a threat to society. Anirudh figures out how to save Bondita, yet he disappears. Anirudh’s copy sibling, Batuk, shows up and attempts to save Anirudh, yet entirely to no end. Everybody expects him to be dead and this main fills Batuk’s resentment toward Bondita. Bondita is uncovered to be pregnant. Batuk masks himself as Anirudh to grab Bondita’s youngster and toss her out of the house after her conveyance. Trilochan, who knows nothing about Batuk’s expectations, permits him as he doesn’t believe Bondita’s wellbeing should crumble from shock.

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Bondita keeps getting dubious of the phony Anirudh, while the genuine one is demonstrated to be alive however incapacitated and unfit to recall his location.

A half year After the fact
Bondita is in shock subsequent to understanding that Anirudh is attempted to be dead by everybody. She is crushed learning, she is living with Batuk and accepts that Anirudh is alive.

Bondita brings forth twins: a young lady and a kid. In the interim, Anirudh at last recalls his location and chooses to get back to Tulsipur. Batuk kidnaps the twins and chooses to take them to Italy. Bondita, crushed after finding her kids missing, arrives at the house however can’t enter as the entryway is locked by Batuk. She asks Batuk to give her youngsters back to her. In any case, Batuk uncovers his goals and attempts to consume Bondita alive yet Anirudh arrives at there just under the wire and saves her.

The Power Of Love GlowTV Full Story Summary: She uncovers all that had occurred in the beyond a half year when he was not with her. An enraged Anirudh breaks the entryway and goes into the house. After a profound gathering with his relatives, Anirudh slaps Batuk and ousts him. Anirudh and Bondita take their twins before Durga’s object of worship and deception.

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