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Thursday 1 December 2022

Episode 460

Malvika gives Anuj a legitimate idea while Vanraj persuades Anupama at the workplace. Somewhere else, the Shahs beautify the Christmas tree.

Episode 461

Anuj and Anupama visit the Shahs to observe Christmas. Afterward, Anupama disturbs Malvika during the merriments.

Friday 2 December 2022

Episode 462

While the Shahs offer Anupama a significant piece of guidance, she chooses to admit her sentiments to Anuj. Afterward, the Shahs hurry up and mess around.

Episode 463

On Christmas Eve, Malvika discovers that Anuj has made her the sole proprietor of the Kapadia domain and stands up to him. Further, Anuj focuses on his experience growing up.

Saturday 3 December 2022

Episode 464

The Shahs are thrilled as the Kapadias rejoin alongside Anupama. Afterward, Kinjal communicates her enjoyment, seeing the superior way of behaving of Paritosh.

Episode 465

Anupama invests some quality energy with Anuj while Vanraj questions Malvika concerning her own life. How might she respond?

Sunday 4 December 2022

Episode 466

Vanraj rejects Kavya’s solicitation of joining Vanika Collaborations. Meanwhile, Anupama admits her affections for Anuj before GK.

Episode 467

Kavya illuminates the Shahs about facilitating a gathering for the New Year. Somewhere else, Vanraj plans for his show with some business financial backers.

Monday 5 December 2022

Episode 468

Samar vents his annoyance at Kavya and Nandini while Anupama and Malvika play hopscotch. Afterward, Malvika chooses to go to the New Year celebration with the Shahs.

Episode 469

The Shahs enthusiastically trust that Anupama and Anuj will go to the New Year celebration. Somewhere else, Anupama finds out about Malvika’s astonishing past from Anuj.

Tuesday 6 December 2022

Episode 470

The Shahs observe New Year while Vanraj takes off to Anuj’s home. Afterward, Anuj and Vanraj recognize Anupama’s approach to comforting Malvika.

Episode 471

Kavya subtly goes out looking for internal harmony. Then again, Anupama gives an intense social message to the men of the country.

Wednesday 7 December 2022

Episode 472

Anupama and Anuj get a move on with the Shahs at the recreation area and cheer Malvika up. Afterward, Anuj offers to get Vanraj’s gathering together with Dheeraj Patel.

Episode 473

Vanraj and Anuj fight in the workplace while Kavya contacts Leela and Hasmukh. In the interim, Pakhi advances a solicitation to Anupama about her higher examinations.

Thursday 8 December 2022

Episode 474

Anupama cautions Vanraj to zero in on work rather than Malvika and Leela spots Samar and Nandini in a warmed debate.

Episode 475

Anuj and Malvika convince Anupama to remain after she plans to get back to her home. Anuj in this manner requests a commitment from Anupama.

Friday 9 December 2022

Episode 476

Anupama and Leela battle to comfort an irritated Samar. Then again, Nandini stands up to Vanraj for his unsatisfactory way of behaving with Kavya.

Episode 477

Vanraj blows his top at Nandini and requests that she take off from the house. Anupama acts the hero when Samar breaks all binds with her.

Saturday 10 December 2022

Episode 478

Anupama and Vanraj give contradicting perspectives to Samar about his relationship with Nandini. Afterward, Paritosh consoles a down and out Nandini.

Episode 479

Anupama is shocked in the wake of seeing Malvika and Vanraj’s rising closeness. Stressed, she cautions Vanraj to remain inside his cutoff points.

Sunday 11 December 2022

Episode 480

Samar welcomes Nandini home for Makar Sankranti while Anupama, Anuj and his family visit the Shahs for the celebration. Afterward, Anupama uncovers Pakhi’s justification behind traveling to another country.

Episode 481

On the event of Makar Sankranti, the Shahs play out a Pooja at home. Afterward, they make groups and get ready to fly kites.

Monday 12 December 2022

Episode 482

The Shahs make groups with Anuj and Malvika as they fly kites in the nursery. Sadly, Kavya returns in the midst of the happiness!

Episode 483

Anuj presents a smart gift to Anupama, while Leela apologizes to her for all the show. Afterward, Malvika protects Vanraj before Anupama and Anuj.

Tuesday 13 December 2022

Episode 484

Samar overlooks Nandini when she attempts to make up with him. Then again, Anupama extends to Kavya an employment opportunity at Anuj’s office, irritating Vanraj!

Episode 485

Vanraj needs to proceed Mukku’s Mumbai café proposition, however Anupama goes against it. Afterward, he lets Mukku know that men like him can become casualties in life as well.

Wednesday 14 December 2022

Episode 486

A warmed contention ejects between Vanraj, Anupama and Kavya at the Shah house. In the interim, Samar and Nandini rejoin subsequent to disregarding their contentions.

Episode 487

Malvika upholds Vanraj before Anuj. Afterward, Anuj communicates his anxiety to Anupama about Malvika’s developing connection with Vanraj.

Thursday 15 December 2022

Episode 488

Anupama is amazed when Malvika shares her actual affections for Vanraj. Anuj hears their discussion and pinion wheels up to show Vanraj a thing or two.

Episode 489

Hasmukh asks Vanraj not to get sincerely engaged with Malvika. While Anuj and Anupama plan a date, Hasmukh addresses Leela about their marriage.

Friday 16 December 2022

Episode 490

Anupama saves Anuj from tumbling off a precipice and gives him an embrace. Afterward, Anuj orders Malvika to break her organization with Vanraj while she continues to safeguard him.

Episode 491

Stressed over Malvika’s wellbeing, Anupama advises Vanraj to stop his pernicious game. The two of them are left stunned when Malvika shows up and breaks her organization with Vanraj.

Saturday 17 December 2022

Episode 492

Vanraj harms Malvika’s psyche against Anuj after she breaks her association with him. Thusly, she offers something mind boggling to Anuj.

Episode 493

Anuj chooses to make Malvika the proprietor of the entirety of his abundance and properties. While Anupama questions his choice, Vanraj is more than happy to realize this.

Sunday 18 December 2022

Episode 494

Anupama lets Anuj know that she isn’t with him as his choice will pamper Malvika’s life and not leave her in any conditions. Afterward, she goes to Malvika to settle everything.

Episode 495

Anupama stands up to Malvika about her rising closeness with Vanraj. Then again, a sure Vanraj insults Anuj in the workplace.

Monday 19 December 2022

Episode 496

Anuj gets Malvika to sign the reports for taking responsibility for organization and says farewell. Afterward, Anupama offers a splitting guidance to Malvika.

Episode 497

After Anuj leaves his office down and out, Anupama attempts to comfort him. While she guarantees Anuj of continuously supporting him, Vanraj prepares an underhanded arrangement.

Tuesday 20 December 2022

Episode 498

Anupama rouses Anuj to continue to battle in his life and requests that he stay with her until he remakes his domain. Afterward, Vanraj is stunned by Kavya’s way of behaving.

Episode 499

Anupama makes an honest effort to encourage a discouraged Anuj. While Vanraj makes a guarantee to Leela, Anupama requests that Anuj help in her business.

Wednesday 21 December 2022

Episode 500

Anuj proclaims that he wishes to report the relaunch on Anupama’s birthday. At the point when he is going to take off from the house to remain at the lodging, Anupama stops him.

Episode 501

On Valentine’s Day, Anupama chooses to set up Anuj’s number one dish. While they hang out, an irritated Leela opposes it.

Thursday 22 December 2022

Episode 502

Love is all around as Kinjal plans a night out with Paritosh, while Kavya thinks of a plan to dazzle Vanraj. Somewhere else, Nandini admits her sentiments to Samar.

Episode 503

Samar and Nandini hurry up while Anuj and Anupama draw nearer. As the night turns heartfelt, Anupama admits her sentiments to Anuj.

Friday 23 December 2022

Episode 504

Kinjal sees Paritosh at home and blows up to discover that he was occupied with his work. Somewhere else, Anuj is charmingly astounded when Anupama communicates her affections for him.

Episode 505

Anuj is in dismay about Anupama’s admission and expects that he is dreaming. Afterward, Vanraj affronts Anupama for living with Anuj.

Saturday 24 December 2022

Episode 506

While Leela and Vanraj attempt to drive Anupama to wed Anuj, she guards her entitlement to pursue the choice herself. Afterward, Samar enlightens Anupama concerning Nandini.

Episode 507

At the point when Leela suspects Pakhi’s abnormal purposes behind returning late from school, she feels embarrassed. Afterward, the Shahs find out about Samar and Nandini’s partition.

Sunday 25 December 2022

Episode 508

Hasmukh invests energy with discouraged Kinjal and Samar, attempting to assist them with their concerns. Somewhere else, Anuj acknowledges Anupama’s demand.

Episode 509

Seeing Hasmukh occupied, Leela thinks about what he is doing. Somewhere else Anuj proposes to Anupama in an extraordinary style.

Monday 26 December 2022

Episode 510

The Shahs turn astounded when Hasmukh acquires presents advance for Anupama’s birthday. Afterward, Anupama gets a brilliant suggestion from him.

Episode 511

Anupama takes a dauntless represent Anuj before Vanraj at the workplace. In the mean time, the Shahs enliven the house to observe Anupama’s birthday.

Tuesday 27 December 2022

Episode 512

At the point when the Shahs and Anuj give Anupama a 12 PM birthday surprise, she is cheerful and chooses to make a declaration. Somewhere else, Vanraj becomes jealous.

Wednesday 28 December 2022

Episode 513

Anuj and Anupama visit the Shah house as the family has organized a unique birthday celebration for her. In the midst of the festivals, Kinjal falls oblivious.

Episode 514

Anupama reports Kinjal’s pregnancy to the Shahs. While they are large and in charge, Anupama laments not uncovering her sentiments.

Thursday 29 December 2022

Episode 515

Anupama goes through a profound explosion outside the Shah house. Notwithstanding, she decides and makes an amazing proposition to Anuj!

Episode 516

The Shahs observe Anupama’s birthday cheerful. Afterward, Rakhi Dave shows up there in style.

Friday 30 December 2022

Episode 517

In the midst of Anupama’s birthday celebration festivities, Rakhi shows up at the Shah house. While she wishes to take a pregnant Kinjal home, the family objects.

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