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Thursday 1 December 2022
Episode 4220

Khumo saves Imani’s work. Fheli draws near to Vhangani. Vhutshilo stresses over his relationship with Zama.

Friday 2 December 2022
Episode 4221

Imani attempts in numerous ways to contact Khumo. Thifheli has Vhangani eating from the center of her hands. Zama and Vhutshilo revive things.

Monday 5 December 2022
Episode 4222

Will Vhangani’s mysterious darling be exposed? Azwindini will help Vhutshilo, yet he has a condition. Susan stresses that Vhutshilo will be entangled in anything the regal house is stowing away.

Tuesday 6 December 2022
Episode 4223

Khumo has chance attempting to save Imani. Vhangani is given a final proposal – love or his work. Susan defeats Azwindini’s arrangements to get Vhutshilo at MMC.

Wednesday 7 December 2022
Episode 4224

Vhangani closes things with Thifhelimbilu. Susan vows to give cash to Vhutshilo yet is caught unaware.

Thursday 8 December 2022
Episode 4225

James discovers that Khumo needs a blood bonding. Susan uncovers to Vhangani that Thifhelimbilu has been playing him from the beginning. Vhutshilo consents to work at MMC.

Friday 9 December 2022
Episode 4226

The Illustrious Family has their blades out for Vhangani when they learn he is a swindler. In the mean time, James faces Hangwani about Azwindini’s job in Khumo’s shooting. Vhutshilo is stunned when he understands MMC is at battle with itself, and he should pick a side.

Monday 12 December 2022
Episode 4227

Vhangani uncovers the explanation Borosi is back and Borosi attempts to kill him. James trains HR to fire Kgosi and to start procedures to sue him. Vhutshilo gets a call from the domain specialist – the house is theirs.

Tuesday 13 December 2022
Episode 4228

Vhangani is told to move at his disposal and help with the custom. Khumo learns Imani saved her life. Zama is befuddled about Vhutshilo’s way of behaving.

Wednesday 14 December 2022
Episode 4229

Thifheli coerces the regal family. The Motsamais anticipate observing Khumo’s return. Zama and Vhutshilo float separated.

Thursday 15 December 2022
Episode 4230

Thifhelimbilu bears everything to all onlookers. Borosi needs to polish off Vhangani. Vhutshilo misses Zama.

Friday 16 December 2022
Episode 4231

Imani attempts to be Khumo’s legend yet lands James in a difficult situation. Thifheli won’t keep Azwindini’s decision. Vhutshilo is desirous that Zama is having a good time without him.

Monday 19 December 2022
Episode 4232

The regal family might be fiddling with the deceptive and unlawful when they intend to alter Vhangani’s memory. James is going to get familiar with a major example in business when he signs guarantee for Khumo. Imani strolls in on Khumo and her mysterious.

Tuesday 20 December 2022
Episode 4233

Imani suspects that Khumo has moved Gugu out of the psychiatic office. Zama is furious that Vhutshilo facilitated a gathering at their home without her insight. Thifhelimbilu’s arrangement to break Mulimisi’s spell falls flat.

Wednesday 21 December 2022
Episode 4234

James and Khumo plan to utilize their portions to combine their grasp on MMC, while Imani’s arrangements to protect Gugu crash and burn. Thifhelimbilu fakes an illness and gets under the skin of Azwindini who rapidly has an arrangement at his disposal.

A contrite Vhutshilo consents “amazingly”. In the interim Kgosi gets an earful from an irritated Vhutshilo who feels double-crossed by him.

Thursday 22 December 2022
Episode 4235

Imani figures out how to pressure Khumo to disclose more than what would have been prudent on Gugu. Vhangani strolls in on Borosi plotting his demise. Vhutshilo doesn’t know he needs to wed Zama in local area of property.

Friday 23 December 2022
Episode 4236

Borosi takes Vhangani out and expects to be he’s dead. Thifhelimbilu leaves the hovel. Zama discovers that Vhutshilo is truly wiped out.

Monday 26 December 2022
Episode 4237

The Mukwevhos learn they have a reality check coming their direction. James needs gives Meiki a final proposal or he will petition for full guardianship. Vhutshilo is desirous when he sees Zama and Kgosi in a hug.

Tuesday 27 December 2022
Episode 4238

Thifhelimbilu lets the cat out of the bag on Rosemary and Mpho. Borosi and Phusuphusu need to polish off Vhangani. Things turn physical among Vhutshilo and Zama.

Wednesday 28 December 2022
Episode 4239

A phantom comes to Vhangani’s guide. Susan makes a stunning disclosure about Zama. Linde gives Matamela motivations to trust she’s planning something sinister.

Thursday 29 December 2022
Episode 4240

Borosi and Phusuphusu kill Vhangani. Zama is at the regal house to make Lindelani’s wedding dress but at the same time is in for a severe shock. Susan requests that Vhutshilo blame everything on Zama and he can keep her child assuming she’s pregnant.

Friday 30 December 2022
Episode 4241

Borosi can’t proceed with killing Vhangani and admits everything. Thifhelimbilu has a bad dream about Vhangani’s passing and trusts it to be valid. Azwindini discovers that Zama may be pregnant with his grandkid not set in stone to see as her.

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