Laxmi Starlife is the story of a working class little kid pointed toward bringing in cash as her mother passed on from pneumonia and they neglected to manage the cost of her treatment.

Lakshmi has driven an extremely ostensible middleclass life since her experience growing up, yet she generally felt that cash is significant. Subsequently she generally spurs individuals to think higher, to ascend throughout everyday life. The story rotates around her one of a kind romantic tale and how she is confounded and incapable to pick either genuine affection and riches.

Full Story/Plot on Laxmi Starlife

Matured 9, Lakshmi has a keen interest in and wishes to wed Arjun Agnihotri yet he moves to London for quite a long time to finish his examinations.

after 12 years
Arjun gets back to India, in camouflage of his dearest companion’s personality (Ajay Sharma). He meets and furthermore becomes hopelessly enamored with Lakshmi, knowing her crush of wedding him. As she learns Ajay is Arjun, Lakshmi proposes him. In the long run he likewise admits his sentiments and they wed however Lakshmi feels dismissed, misjudging that Arjun loves his previous fiancè Saumya, so she leaves him.


During one of the underlying gatherings among Arjun and Lakshmi, Arjun comes to be aware of Lakshmi’s fantasy about wedding Arjun Aghinotri and become rich. Over time, Arjun falls head over heels for Lakshmi however maintains his personality mystery under the camouflage of Ajay Sharma (His Closest companion’s character). Arjun camouflaged as Ajay needed Lakshmi’s affection however not on the grounds that he is a rich person.

In the in the mean time, Arjun’s dad asks Arjun and his cherished companion Purva to tie hitch as the two of them are ideal for one another yet Arjun enlightens Purva regarding his affections for Lakshmi which carries frustration to Purva who loves Arjun.

Ajay (Camouflaged Arjun)proposes Lakshmi on a specific day for marriage however Lakshmi won’t satisfy her fantasies about wedding Arjun Agnihotri. After she denies he surrenders and thinks that Lakshmi just loves cash and not Arjun as a matter of fact. Ultimately, Arjun’s Dadi enters in the image to make acknowledge Lakshmi that she really has succumbed to Ajay yet her fantasies about becoming rich are going about as the obstruction. So she sets up an arrangement, Arjun’s dearest companion who is the genuine Ajay Sharma, takes the personality of Arjun Agnihotri and meets Lakshmi. And that implies the 2 companions have exchanged names and characters.

Then, at that point, Dadi welcomes Lakshmi for an excursion to Ramsagar alongside her fatherly auntie, Arjun, Ajay, Purva and Swati. In this excursion Dadi plans so that a trial of Lakshmi might be able to see whether she cherishes the caring Ajay or the rich Arjun. Many highs and lows happens at the excursion. Lakshmi deals with Ajay definitely, prepares nourishment for everyone at a neighborhood dhaba and in the sanctuary she is caught by a few nearby criminals.

Ajay saves Lakshmi while his shoulder is entered by a slug shot by the hoodlums. Toward the finish of the outing Lakshmi choses Love over Cash and acknowledges Ajay’s proposition of marriage without realizing that he is really the genuine Arjun Agnihotri. Arjun’s dad before long becomes acquainted with about this. He doesn’t give his endorsement. He offers Lakshmi a limitless ticket to ride to Lakshmi for leaving Arjun yet Lakshmi doen’t realize that Ajay is the genuine Arjun and is confounded by his activities. Afterward, he lets Arjun know that he can wed Lakshmi in the event that he needs to yet he won’t take any part in it.

At their commitment function, Arjun lets Lakshmi know that he isn’t Ajay Sharma yet Arjun Agnihotri in a fabulous manner. Lakshmi is stunned however blissful. They get ready for marriage. Later Arjun’s father partake in his wedding despite the fact that he was disturbed. Arjun’s ex Soumya comes from London to partake in Arjun’s wedding. During their most memorable evening, Arjun fills Lakshmi in regarding Soumya. Lakshmi is despondent about hearing this. Arjun’s father welcomes Soumya to remain at their chateau. Later numerous misconceptions happen among Lakshmi and Rajvardhan Agnihothri. (Arjun’s father)

Then, at that point, Vishal expounded on Rajvardhan Agnihotri’S extortion in paper which makes them leave Agnihotri Chateau and they go to Lakshmi’s home. Soumya Needs to help Arjun yet Arjun clashes. Soumya puts an understanding before Lakshmi to offer her significant other to her yet Lakshmi declines. Then the circumstance comes awful to the Agnihotris and the sale day comes however Lakshmi postpones it for 2 hours yet Vishal again re-opens it. The bartering begins however Lakshmi arrives at there and purchases house for 80 crores and concurs with Soumya’s understanding.

The Agnihotris shift to Agnihotri Chateau and Lakshmi assists Soumya with drawing nearer Arjun. In one of these circumstances, Lakshmi intends to go to London however Ajay stops her. At the house, Ajay goes gaga for Soumya and Arjun assists him with intriguing Soumya yet then again Lakshmi and Soumya imagine that Arjun has consented to wed Soumya. On Soumya’s birthday celebration, Arjun comes to realize that Lakshmi has consented to Soumya’s arrangement and faults Lakshmi for being self centered. Lakshmi leaves the manor and is shot by certain thugs for not giving her wedding band.

Lakshmi satisfies her new fantasy about getting Arjun-Soumya wedded yet feels aches of desire at minutes. Before his wedding night, Arjun gives Lakshmi an expensive jewel neckband. Arjun figures out how to escape from Soumya by professing to have a virus. Dadi’s arrangement continues to pursue Lakshmi lament her choice, through Arjun and Soumya’s wedding trip.

Months After the fact

As Lakshmi uncovers the previous truth, Arjun excuses her and assists family with getting her covered. Saumya is presented to be just needing Arjun’s cash and leaves. Arjun and Lakshmi get remarried.Arjun and Lakshmi have a girl Jiyana, whom Lakshmi conceived an offspring prior to passing on. She had some awareness of her pregnancy difficulties yet never educated Arjun.7 Years After the fact
Lakshmi’s clone Kaanchi Kashyap is presented.

Jiyana is presently 8, raised by Arjun. Bewildered that Kaanchi seems to be Lakshmi, she carries her to see Arjun under guise of bringing a conveyance. In time, Arjun and Kaanchi become hopelessly enamored. They admit their affection.

Brief Data and Subtleties on Laxmi Starlife Series.

Class: Sentiment
First Episode: 26 December 2022
Complete number of episodes: 258
Complete quantities of Season: One
Channel: Starlife Africa
Unique name: Primary Lakshmi Tere Aangan Ki
Last Episode: Nothing

Fundamental Cast on Laxmi Starlife

Shraddha Arya as Lakshmi Agnihotri/Kaanchi Kashyap-more youthful sister of Saraswati, spouse of Arjun Agnihotri, mother of Jiyana
Sudeep Sahir as Ajay Sharma/Arjun Agnihotri, spouse of Lakshmi, father of Jiyana
Aadesh Chaudhary as Aditya
Nisha Rawal as Soumya Diwan
Abhishek Tiwari/Anuj Thakur as Ajay Agnihotri/Saravana
Gurpreet Kaur as Swati
Heena Parmar as Saraswati Vishal Chaturvedi-senior sister of Lakshmi.Wife of Vishal Chaturvedi.Massi of Jiyana.
Anshul Trivedi as Vishal Chaturvedi
Ajay Arya/Dishank Arora as Akaash Agnihotri
Aruna Irani as Dadiji
Anil Dhawan as Lakshmi’s dad
Vinny Arora as Ginnu
Pallavi Rao as Kishori
Aarya Rawal as Renuka Agnihotri
Arbaaz Ali Khan as Rajvardhan Agnihotri.

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