Hello Folks do you know that The Chosen Granddaughter, a brand-new Telenovela, will debut on Telemundo on December 19.? and there are rumors that Julio Jiménez and Iván Martén created the Colombian telenovela The Chosen Granddaughter (La Nieta Elegida) for RCN Televisión.

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The Chosen Granddaughter Full Story

Due to his skills as a conqueror and his extensive knowledge of illicit activities, Milan Mayorga’s story in the drama “The chosen granddaughter” has generated a lot of conversation. However, actor Sebastian Osorio had to put a lot of preparation into playing this character in fiction. It was thanks to Sebastian Osorio that he was able to portray one of his best roles in a play that has received widespread acclaim, as evidenced by the stellar reviews he has received for “The Chosen Granddaughter” since its September 27, 2021 premiere. The mystery surrounding the death of a wealthy heir and the presence of a granddaughter who no one knew but who will drastically alter many people’s lives serve as the main axes of the telenovela.

In “The chosen granddaughter,” Sebastian Osorio portrays Milan Mayorga, a young guy with few resources who, in order to get out of his predicament, strives to get anything at any cost. On his motorcycle, he is also compared to an Adonis, flaunting his outstanding looks and attracting women. In addition, he exhibits a powerful, cunning, and threatening personality with leadership abilities. But soon after, he started a career in crime. Given this, the actor himself explained how he ended up taking part in the selection process to play Milan, one of the soap opera’s most contentious characters. Additionally, he stated that his character in this play is not all that horrible and that everyone has difficulties in life that they wish they could address.

We think our approach to tackling problems is the best one. They will come to understand that there is no such thing as black or white, only gray as the story progresses. I’m grateful and pleased with how the people have received me, he said.

He was born in Bogotá, Colombia, from an artistic and entertainment-related family. From a very young age, he moved to Cartagena with his mother, Aura Mara Mercado. He graduated from a college in Bogota after finishing his studies and decided to try his luck in the United.

The Chosen Granddaughter Plot

Luisa is a young woman who, on her father’s orders, will travel to a foreign country in order to exact revenge on the Roldán family. However, soon after meeting Juan Esteban Osorno, the boyfriend of another of Sara’s granddaughters, and receiving attention from Sara, her fictitious grandmother, Luisa will find herself in a predicament.

The Chosen Granddaughter Summary

The wealthy Roldán family is shocked to see a stranger (Luisa Mayorga), whom Sara, the grandmother of the family, introduces as the grandchild they have saved from a seedy neighborhood. Sergio, her youngest son, was allegedly murdered ten years ago in eerie circumstances that are still unresolved, and Luisa is thought to be her child. She is a stunning young lady who will join this selfish family, most of them are against admitting her, leading to the imbalance and conflict of all its members. As the days pass, it becomes apparent that the alleged granddaughter is not as innocent or frail as she first appears because a deadly organization, directed by a terrible figure who aims to destroy and exact revenge on the Roldán family, is hiding behind her movements.

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