Sunday 1 January 2023

Episode 263

Malini inclinations Kunal to help her by not battling the situation for Imlie’s sake. The Tripathis achieve the court meeting after they are brought by the court.

Episode 264

Aditya and the Tripathis can’t give any data about their inebriated state the previous evening. Afterward, Dulari requests that Imlie think like Malini.

Monday 2 January 2023

Episode 265

Imlie makes an arrangement to utilize Malini’s old ploy against her. She professes to be Malini before Anu to gain proficiency with reality. In any case, Aditya gets enraged with her technique.

Episode 266

Dreading a terrible standing to the organization because of Aditya’s legal dispute, his supervisor fires him. Somewhere else, Imlie lands in a predicament at school.

Tuesday 3 January 2023

Episode 267

Dev desires Imlie to pull out the case, however she stays unyielding. Loaded with rage, Aditya faults Imlie for losing his employment and his character.

Episode 268

Aditya gains of her suspension from school and persuades Imlie to begin once again. While Aditya lands back his position, Kunal helps Imlie about the need to remember evidence to battle the case.

Wednesday 4 January 2023

Episode 269

After Imlie searches for the proof, Anu advances a condition before the Tripathis. Will Imlie acknowledge it?

Episode 270

Aditya is stunned by Malini’s go about as he watches the video for proof. Afterward, Malini swoons while illuminating Dev and Anu about Aditya learning reality.

Thursday 5 January 2023

Episode 271

The Tripathis lose the case in court as Aditya admits the merciless truth. While Malini makes a surprising admission, Anu gets captured.

Friday 6 January 2023

Episode 272

Anu makes an arrangement with her fellow prisoner to destroy Imlie’s life. Afterward, two men claiming to be government authorities kidnap Imlie from her home.

Episode 273

Imlie figures out how to escape with different young ladies, yet neglects to make it far and gets caught once more. Somewhere else, Aditya tracks down Imlie’s path and attempts to follow her.

Saturday 7 January 2023

Episode 274

Imlie salvages herself and different young ladies with the assistance of the police. She illuminates Aditya about the Tripathis being at serious risk. Might she at any point save them?

Episode 275

Imlie gets a call and discovers that her school suspension is disavowed. In the mean time, Anu trains Malini to blame her pregnancy so as to trap Aditya.

Sunday 8 January 2023

Episode 276

Subsequent to winning the discussion rivalry, Imlie trusts that Aditya will get her. In the mean time, Malini executes her arrangement to keep Aditya occupied.

Episode 277

As Imlie trusts that Aditya will get her, she faces a lamentable occurrence. On getting back, Aditya’s activities further rankle Imlie.

Monday 9 January 2023

Episode 278

After Imlie cajoles Malini to have food, the last option requests that Anu finish the work. As Imlie’s date is dropped, she requests that the Tripathis join Anu’s greeting.

Episode 279

Malini devises an arrangement to have a Pooja to invest more energy with Aditya. Somewhere else, Anu enlists Meethi as her cook, which infuriates Aditya.

Tuesday 10 January 2023

Episode 280

Anu goes nuts when Imlie pulls a trick on her and causes her to accept that she is imperceptible. Afterward, Malini drops during the Pooja.

Episode 281

As Anu attempts to prevent Imlie from a date with Aditya, the two of them eat interestingly together. In the mean time, Nishant sends Aditya’s message to Imlie concealed in a Puri.

Wednesday 11 January 2023

Episode 282

Imlie chooses to get verification against Malini as she is thoughtless about her child. Malini is enraged when Imlie gets some information about the child.

Episode 283

Malini professes to become sick and claims that Imlie didn’t remind her to take her tablet, yet the last option gives her the painful but much needed consequence. Afterward, Anu is embarrassed by Meethi.

Thursday 12 January 2023

Episode 284

Malini discovers that Imlie is intending to do a temporary position for Aditya’s paper and plans to stop her at any expense. Afterward, Anu plots to approach Meethi.

Episode 285

While Malini destroys Imlie’s temporary position structure, Imlie is prepared to retaliate. Afterward, Aditya awards Imlie the entry level position offer at the feasting table.

Friday 13 January 2023

Episode 286

As the Tripathis are occupied, Imlie assumes on the liability to direct the occasions for Dussehra exclusively. Somewhere else, Malini plots against Imlie.

Episode 287

On the event of Navaratri, Imlie discovers that one of the icons she had brought for a unique custom is absent. In the mean time, Malini slips away with the icon.

Saturday 14 January 2023

Episode 288

Imlie sees Malini offer the missing symbol to somebody however decides not to tell the family. Afterward, Aditya gets a tip about a carrying case and seeks after it.

Episode 289

Pasha and the MLA are made aware of Aditya’s presence, yet the last option figures out how to escape with the proof. Afterward, he requests that Imlie guard the proof.

Sunday 15 January 2023

Episode 290

The Durga Puja is going to start when Malini lights a fire to destroy the arrangements. While Rupali drops, Pranav acts the hero.

Episode 291

Pranav tricks the Tripathi’s to get the proof against the MLA from Aditya. To prevail in his arrangements, he asks for one more opportunity with Rupali.

Monday 16 January 2023

Episode 292

Imlie gets dubious when she sees Pranav sneaking around in the house. She devises an arrangement to sort out his actual expectations.

Episode 293

As Imlie practices for the Pooja, Aditya gets a call from his proofreader. Afterward, Imlie follows up on her mom’s recommendation and tells Pranav’s reality to Rupi.

Tuesday 17 January 2023

Episode 294

Malini persuades Rupali that Imlie is attempting to induce her against Pranav. Afterward, Imlie figures out that the verification is missing and blames Pranav for taking it.

Episode 295

Pranav makes an interruption to get away and plants drugs in Aditya’s space to get him captured. Be that as it may, Imlie doesn’t allow Pranav to take off.

Wednesday 18 January 2023

Episode 296

Aditya controls himself after Imlie illuminates him about the robbery by Pranav. As the last option intends to escape with the pen drive, he gets found out by the police.

Episode 297

Rupali gets Pranav searching for the pendrive while Imlie uncovered the genuine purpose for his visit. Afterward, Aditya is delivered by the police as they capture Pranav.

Thursday 19 January 2023

Episode 298

The Tripathis plan an impromptu get-together to invite Imlie as their little girl in-regulation and show their acknowledgment towards her. In the mean time, Malini is crushed about this.

Episode 299

Anu plants rodents in the Tripathi house and demolishes their unexpected treat for Imlie. Afterward, as the Tripathis blow up, Imlie comes to their guide and makes all the difference.

Friday 20 January 2023

Episode 300

Anu endeavors to hit Aditya with the Dandiya, however Imlie steps in. Afterward, Malini impedes Imlie’s housewarming service as she needs to add to her custom.

Episode 301

Malini changes her strategy to get Aditya back from Imlie. Notwithstanding, to demonstrate his adoration for Imlie, Aditya chooses to separate from Malini on the event of Karva Chauth.

Saturday 21 January 2023

Episode 302

Imlie finds out about Malini’s cleverness intend to recover Aditya’s adoration. Afterward, Imlie uncovered Malini’s Mehendi, and Aditya’s name on it.

Episode 303

Imlie embarrasses Malini for having Aditya’s name imprinted on her hand and requests that Aditya make her take off from the house. Afterward, Aditya and Imlie get into a contention.

Sunday 22 January 2023

Episode 304

Aditya intends to make Imlie’s most memorable Karwa Chauth a significant one, however disappears during the custom. Afterward, Aditya brings Malini back home.

Episode 305

Malini makes Imlie look dubious when her child’s taken bangles are seen with Meethi. While Satyakaam chooses to give up, Aditya considers getting him captured.

Monday 23 January 2023

Episode 306

At the point when Meethi carries Satyakaam to Aditya’s home, Malini makes an interruption and disappears with him. Afterward, Aditya accepts that Satyakaam has snatched Malini.

Episode 307

Malini lets Satyakaam know how she set him up, yet Imlie records their discussion. Notwithstanding, she shoots herself to approach Imlie.

Tuesday 24 January 2023

Episode 308

Malini lets Aditya know that Satyakaam assumed the fault to save Imlie. While the Tripathis show their confidence in Imlie, Aditya questions her about the occurrence.

Episode 309

In the wake of being harmed, Imlie cuts attaches with the family and leaves the house. Be that as it may, the Tripathis attempt to look for her to prevent her from leaving.

Wednesday 25 January 2023

Episode 310

While Aparna lets Aditya know that he is answerable for Imlie going out, Malini claims that she over-responded. Somewhere else, Imlie meets with a mishap.

Episode 311

Aditya finds Imlie to an underground battling ring where she saves an honest from getting captured. Afterward, she won’t get back with Aditya.

Thursday 26 January 2023

Episode 312

Imlie begins her new existence of complete freedom and selects herself in a ladies’ inn. Afterward, Rupali hears Malini’s discussion with Anu.

Episode 313

Aditya shows up at the sanctuary and recollects Imlie. Afterward, Imlie salvages Arpita from the fire and takes her to the clinic.

Friday 27 January 2023

Episode 314

Yet again aryan experiences Imlie and blames her for taking. Afterward, Arpita asks that Aryan apologize to Imlie and help her.

Episode 315

Imlie perceives Aryan’s vehicle and gets payback by destroying it with sloppy water. Afterward, Aryan assists Imlie with her temporary position.

Saturday 28 January 2023

Episode 316

As a discipline, Aryan requests that Imlie cleans his vehicle. Afterward, Aditya is stunned to discover that Aryan is the new President of Bhaskar Times.

Episode 317

Imlie blacks out while cleaning the vehicle and falls inside, obscure to Aryan. At Arpita’s solicitation, Aryan conveys the oblivious Imlie inside his home.

Sunday 29 January 2023

Episode 318

Aryan overlooks his mom and Arpita when they request that he apologize to Imlie. While Aditya upbraids the superintendent for attempting to criticize Imlie, Anu faults Aparna.

Episode 319

Arpita urges Aryan to quit living before. Imlie recollects Aryan’s admonition and hurries to work. Afterward, Aryan rebuffs Imlie for attempting to mess with him.


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