Wednesday 1 February 2023
Episode 208 (621)

Arzu is compelled to come clean with Umit. Murat chooses to continue on and search for new work. Erkut winds up in an undeniably challenging circumstance.

Thursday 2 February 2023
Episode 209 (622)

Arzu sends Elif’s hair lock to Melek. Yusuf suspects that there’s a bug in the house, they ultimately track down it and suspect Arzu. Umit and Arzu squabble as Umit feels Elif ought to return home. Murat advises Latif that he would rather not work for him yet Latif stays persevering.

Friday 3 February 2023
Episode 210 (623)

Yusuf makes a guile intend to get Arzu yet in a stunning development the Emiroglu’s are left defenseless and abandoned.

Monday 6 February 2023
Episode 211 (624)

Elif gets away from the house however Arzu gets her and drives off with her. Yusuf saves Elif from Arzu’s paws. Elif get’s brought together with Melek and her loved ones.

Tuesday 7 February 2023
Episode 212 (625)

The Police are on a manhunt for Arzu, she figures out how to get away. Elif is damaged however joyfully rejoined with her loved ones.

Wednesday 8 February 2023
Episode 213 (626)

Elif attempts to conform to typical life after the snatching, yet thinks that it is troublesome. Leyla ends up in a sticky situation on the ranch. Arzu some way or another makes a strong departure to Hasan’s detriment.

Thursday 9 February 2023
Episode 214 (627)

The family is as yet attempting to get additional data from Elif about the lady that seized her. Yusuf needs to assist the police with tracking down Arzu. Leyla begins to become apprehensive about what Elif could say straightaway.

Friday 10 February 2023
Episode 215 (628)

Sule is anxious about going to prison. Erkut needs to track down the cash to save himself. Ayla’s pregnancy is overpowering her.

Monday 13 February 2023
Episode 216 (629)

The Emiroglu’s are on the edge, holding back to hear regardless of whether Arzu is alive. Cevahir feels like a weight has been lifted. Veysel gets extremely stunning news.

Tuesday 14 February 2023
Episode 217 (630)

Misfortune strikes for Umit who chooses to assume control over issues. Selim attempts to assist an individual with navigating driver while Melek acknowledges something about Yusuf.

Wednesday 15 February 2023
Episode 218 (631)

Selim informs the family regarding his work circumstance. It’s Mom’s Day and everybody is making arrangements to astound Melek. Melek settles on a major choice that has a couple of individuals confounded and upset.

Thursday 16 February 2023
Episode 219 (632)

Sitare is deperate to look for a decent job. The strain among Melek and Yusuf is becoming more grounded.

Friday 17 February 2023
Episode 220 (633)

Melek attempts to help Sitare, who accepts she is unskilled. Umit is damaged. Murat is angry with Ayla over her arrangements.

Monday 20 February 2023
Episode 221 (634)

Sitare’s most memorable feast at the studio is a catastrophe and when questions set in, frantic decisions are made. Elif figures out what a Hipothec endlessly is upset to learn of it’s ramifications for Yusuf’s dearest bookshop.

Tuesday 21 February 2023
Episode 222 (635)

Elif and Inci concocts a mystery game plan to save the bookshop. While Sitare can’t adapt at work, Cevahir is tired of the studio strains. Orhan assists Yusuf with the coordinated factors for his novel thought.

Wednesday 22 February 2023
Episode 223 (636)

Yusuf gets a ton of help with the progressions to the bookshop, particularly from Melek and Zeynep. Aliye is worried about Selim’s wellbeing. Some new data arises about Sitare.

Thursday 23 February 2023
Episode 224 (637)

Melek figures out what Inci and Elif got up to in the recreation area. Sitare gets back to the studio however she is being undermined by Cevdet. It is the day of the opening for Yusuf’s Book Bistro which has everybody energized.

Friday 24 February 2023
Episode 225 (638)

It’s the launch of the Book Bistro and when two gangsters turn up, a major fight emits. The circumstance requires Melek to educate Suna and Aysel concerning Sitare’s past. Orhan appears to be extremely taken with Sitare subsequent to meeting her.

Monday 27 February 2023
Episode 226 (639)

Selim has a horrible cerebral pain and yells at Elif and Inci for making commotion. Selim sees an elderly person being looted at the bank, pursues the hooligans and recovers the cash. He takes the elderly person to clinic.

Tuesday 28 February 2023
Episode 227 (649)

The elderly person’s (Musfik) child, Fikret, that Selim assisted accompanies saying thanks to him once more and gives Selim his business card. Leyla’s neighbor Nermin believes that Melek should make her a dress and Leyla prepares an arrangement to destroy Melek’s standing.

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