10 Best Tech Blogs and Bloggers in Nigeria (2023)

Folks, Today’s blog Post Is About Tech Blogs and Bloggers in Nigeria. blogging has become a fast-growing online skill in the internet space with a huge impact on the whole world of information and communication technology. For me, I will say that bloggers have made more impact than all other online skill and has yielded more result in terms of impacting the people and enriching the blogger.

Today I will be talking about Tech blogs and bloggers in Nigeria. Are you looking for preferable tech blogs in Nigeria, then search no more this post is for you. here is your last bustop. I am going to show you just the 10 Best Tech Blogs and Bloggers in Nigeria, though there are others I am showing you the most popular.

Before I proceed. What is Tech blogging?

Without much ‘ADO’ Note that tech blogging is a part of the blogging interface which concentrates on the technology Niche. This is a way of spreading and transferring technological news and updates, via a tech website, Youtube channel, and Facebook channels. in more or less detail. Tech Bloggers are a group of individuals who saw it worthwhile to focus their blog skills to share information that has to do with technology-related activities and advancement, through reviews and Tips. Categories of tech blogging include the following, Tech news, Gadget review, Smartphone reviews, Tech devices, watches, Cameras, laptop Reviews, with lots more.

Here is a list of some websites to always visit if you are a tech enthusiast and are especially interested in the most recent information about the technology ecosystem in Nigeria and around the world.


Wow talking about Techpiontafrica I would say this is the number one tech blog sitting at the top in the whole of Africa. To tell you the truthTechpoint is a digital media company that amplifies the best news Innovation and Technology in Africa at large.

They are a well-known tech blog with a very high report depth. It was founded in 2015 by Muyiwa Matuluko and Adewale Yusuf. Recently, Yusuf left this platform as one of the publishers to manage TalentQL.

Additionally, Techpoint offers content about the technological community, covering significant conferences, exhibitions, and awards.

This blog’s tech-related content is delivered as newsletters, podcasts, videos, and reports.

Visit:  https://techtrendsng.com


Haven’t you heard of https://techtrendsng.com? another top blog in Nigeria, a blog of the latest tech News and reviews Just like buspartab.com.

This blog combines information and pleasure while allowing users to pick and choose only the sections they want to read.

Here, users may find out the newest information about gadgets, tech industry leaders, telecommunications networks and software, social networking, gadget reviews, and other tech-related topics.


Another Top tech blog In Nigeria is Techtrendsng, also a leading blog in Nigeria popularly founded by Kenneth Omeruo. If you haven’t Learnt of this tech blog you can visit its official website today to see things so it won’t look like we are just heaping empty phrases cosigning this blog https://techtrendsng.com

Everything technological is accessible on Tech trends. From smartphones with operating systems like Android, Windows, and Apple iOS to software from leading tech companies like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Just mention a popular tech app, and Techtrends will have material about it.


Talking about TechCabal we are Just emphasizing a very Popular tech website www, TechCabal, com. It is a leading African Tech Conversation.

Beyond your wield imagination, this blog is also one of the top blogs in Nigeria sitting at the top of search results On Tech in all different search engines existing. Nevertheless, you don’t think that this blog has everything on Tech. there are also  Areas of limited effort.

Oluwafemi Bankole created this website in 2013, and it is currently regarded as one of the top tech blogs in both Nigeria and Africa. TechCabal offers information on entrepreneurship, fundraising, investment, and businesses across the continent.

TechCabal investigates and examines reports, occasions, new businesses, and individuals, as well as gives bits of knowledge on far-reaching subjects.


Here we go is, Naijatechguide the second most popular tech blog in Nigeria. A tech blog of phone specs, reviews  & price deals, etcNaijatechguide Is a top blog for technology news, reviews, specifications, and advice. The blog also discusses prices for mobile phones and online services.

Paschal Okafor, an electrical and electronic engineering graduate of Enugu State University, founded NaijaTechGuide in December 2006. This site is renowned for its gadget reviews, buying guides, specifications, and advice. NaijaTechGuide also covers prices for mobile phones, laptops, inverters, generators, air conditioners, refrigerators, and other gadgets in addition to fintech, online services, and apps


Haven’t you learned of NaijaKnowHow.com?  Wow if I am to take no as an answer it means that you’ve been missing a lot. Naijaknowhow is one of the most popular ranking blogs in Nigeria very reliable and flexible.  it tops the list of most search results on the most recent information on gadgets, phones, reviews, and other technology-related topics.

Franklin Obioha Founded this blog in 2015. This platform’s main goal is to assist non-techies in resolving simple technological issues. They provide tech news, phone specs, reviews, and step-by-step tips on a variety of topics related to technology as part of the service they provide. They also offer users advice and information.


Another popular website is designed to make it simple to get trustworthy information on technology. You will receive worldwide news, information, and reviews.

Oke Charles Founded his blog So that you may get helpful information and product reviews on smartphones, other products, and ultimately the technology industry on this on his site. Also, a very popular Tech blog sits at the top of most search results.


Here is another popular tech blog in Nigeria, sitting at the top of most tech search terms and result on different search engines in the world. is a technology blog in Nigeria that discusses tech, blogging, digital marketing, and ways to make money online.

Ogbongeblog was founded by Jide Ogunsanya a very prominent citizen in Nigeria, he decided to venture into a technology blog in Nigeria that discusses tech, blogging, digital marketing, and ways to make money online.

If you haven’t heard of the Ogbongeblog Visit www. Ogbongeblog.com today and see things for yourself. Despite the fact that mobile devices and electronics make up the majority of the technologies addressed on his page, a lot of attention is also paid to the numerous apps that function.

Geek. ng

A technology blog covering in-depth gadget reviews, hardcore DIY guides, and easy-to-understand tech tips.

Buspartab- Buspartab.com

A current Blog on the Latest Tech news found by Iheoma Wisdom [buspartab CEO] Launched on late October 2022. A blog whose main categories are focused on the Latest Tech news, reviews of types such as smartphones, Andriod, Gadgets, Watches, Movies, Websites, and Fztvseries, as well as sharing How To’s information to help solve most technological problems. by giving tips that are verified to help the technological world become more progressive.

You can get any kind of Tech News on the Latest released Infinix, Samsung, iPhone, Nokia, Techno phones Etc.

buspartab Reviews

Quick recap of the best tech blogs And Bloggsites  in Nigeria:

Iheoma Wisdom Buspartab.com
Múyìwá Mátùlúkò www.techpoint.africa
Paschal Okafor www.naijatechguide.com
Samuel Afolabi www.techlector.com
Jide Ogunsanya www.ogbongeblog.com
Oke Charles www.gadgetstripe.com
Wale Adekile www.doncaprio.com (formally geek.ng)
Franklin Obioha www. Naijaiknowhow.net

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