5 Best Speech Therapy Apps for Android and iOS in 2023

The assessment and treatment of communication problems and speech disorders is known as speech therapy. It is carried out by speech-language pathologists (SLPs), also known as speech therapists.

Speech therapy app are your one time top notch media, for teaching your children how to speak and pronounce words correctly. If you are looking for top best Speech Therapy Apps for Android and iOS, then you came to the right place.

In this blog post I will show you Just 5 Application that you could use to perform speech Therapy on your tender children. Although there are numerous speech-learning apps for smartphones available, I will only recommend the best and most dependable ones.

The Top Speech Therapy Apps for Android and iOS

Here I have handpicked the 5 best top speech to therapy apps for android and iOS devices, if you looking forward to perform speech therapy on your children then this post is for you.

Samurai: Stuttering Therapy

Samurai: Stuttering Therapy

Stamurai is the all-in-one stuttering treatment app. This stuttering therapy app for all ages includes customization options for daily at-home practice.

Stuttering, also known as stammering, is a speech disorder that requires perseverance and practice. Stamurai provides the motivation and engagement required to continue on the path to fluent and confident speech.

CommBoards Lite AAC Assistant


Looking for a better Speech Therapy Apps for Android and iOS, aside the first listed above , the commboards lite  is the second on the list and it is a better option than the other. I think this time you need to try thins out for yourself so you can testify yourself.

Commboards is an AAC Speech Assistance app that uses a proven system of communication boards to help children and adults of all ages express themselves and communicate more easily with the world around them. Assist your child or loved one in communicating in a natural and enjoyable manner.

In the Augmentative and Alternative Communication method, tapping on a series of pictures or a symbol causes the created sentence to be read aloud, which encourages oral speech and helps express thoughts and feelings.

Huni – AI Speech Training Kids

Huni - AI Speech Training Kids


Here is another special application used to perform Speech therapy on children, if you are looking for a speech therapy app then you must be looking for this great application, and it available on google . this particular makes the work of a speech therapist very easy because of its wonderful features, which is what I will discuss further

Huni is a speech recognition-powered speech training app designed specifically for children (children speech therapy). The application prompts you with a list of words to say; you can listen to the pronunciations and then repeat them out loud one by one. The app will recognize the ones you correctly pronounce, and you can always try again and again to train your speech.

SymboTalk – AAC Talker

SymboTalk - AAC Talker

Looking for a better Speech therapy app option, you should know that the symboTalk is a free app that will speak for you when you click on symbols (images or icons). The app includes predefined communication boards from various areas of life, with symbols on each board (images).

When you click on a symbol, it reads aloud and is added to a sentence that can also be read. This way SymboTalk can be your voice and talk for you.

SymboTalk is an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) system that creates communication boards for a variety of purposes.

Speech Therapy Articulation

The speech therapy articulations is available on apple store, and on google play store for Android users .The app includes engaging images, enjoyable exercises, and games to keep children engaged and motivated to practice their sounds.

The ability to record and hear one’s own voice teaches children how to listen to their own sounds and ensure that they are pronouncing them correctly. You should use this as one of the best speech therapy apps for children.

Folks is important for you to know that Speech therapists, also known as speech-language pathologists, provide services aimed at improving a patient’s ability to communicate, understand, and express language.

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