Best Nigerian Tech YouTube Channels to Watch Reviews

Probably you  might have been looking for top ranking Nigerian Tech YouTube Channels to Watch Reviews of the latest tech updates, which falls in the categories of phone, reviews, specs, phone comparison, laptops reviews, smartwatches, gadget reviews and everything that happens around the tech space in Nigerian.

If you are looking Best Nigerian Tech YouTube Channels to Watch Reviews, then you came to right place because here I hand picked the top ranking Nigerian YouTube channels focusing on tech Niche in Nigeria. Tech youtubers are responsible for any update you get about technology advancements and innovations.

Apart from the fact that we have discussed earlier about 10 Best Tech Blogs and Bloggers in Nigeria (2023. We also have tech youtubers which are serious minded individuals who are focused in bringing to your current updates on technology advancement and innovations, make sure you read this post carefully.

Jus as we know that youtubers are also bloggers who focus on releasing information’s with video illustrations on YouTube.

List of Nigeria’s Top Tech YouTube Channels

Fisayo Fosudo

In terms terms of tech blogging on YouTube, Fiyaso fosudo has already gained dominion over other tech youtbers in Nigeria, with about 400k Subscribers, with is wonderful profile as storyteller.

Yes Fisayo Fosudo is a leading Nigerian tech YouTuber. You’ll find exciting and informative tech videos on his channel. He also gives presentations on smartphone reviews from popular brands in the country. There are also reviews of other gadgets, tutorials, and buyer guides.

He has recently dedicated himself to this service as a Tech YouTuber. His videos have a high level of professionalism. His channel’s videos have excellent sound quality.

More interestingly, the videos on his channel are the type you’d want to watch on your smart TV while unwinding. It currently meets the needs of many Nigerian tech enthusiasts.

Eric Okafor

Welcome to one of Nigeria’s most popular technology review websites. Eric, also known as Knewkeed, is dedicated in bringing you reviews of the latest Smartphones, as well as reviews of other consumer technology for the African market. Also  Eric Okafor has gained a  lot of dominion with about 325k subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Valor Reviews

Valor Reviews

If you love tech, you are in the right place to watch current tech reviews, then visit the Valor Reviews on youtube. This is one of the most popular Nigerian tech YouTube channels, and it’s because the founder, Olatunde Shobajo, provides entertaining and concise tech content, which you won’t find from any other YouTuber on this list.

When it comes to humour and technology content, Valor Reviews is a one-stop shop you can rely on. he has also gained dominion with about 120k Subscribers on YouTube.

Fred’s Tech Hub

Fred’s Tech Hub

Fred is Delving into the tech industry to bring you high-quality Tech Videos and more. This is yet another excellent tech YouTube platform that uses his channel to provide his subscribers with some of the most straightforward and straightforward mobile reviews available.

Though Fred’s primary focus is smartphone reviews, he also publishes tweaks and tricks for Windows, Androids, and even smartphone customization tips. He has also gained dominion on the YouTube tech space with about 26k live subscribers, with her videos on top ranking YouTube pages.


Oscarimini is tech youTuber helping you make better purchase decisions through quality Tech Videos. Host: Oscar Frank.  His technology videos assist his subscribers in making better purchasing decisions. Phones, watches, gaming devices, headsets, and other cutting-edge technology pique his interest. He has 47k+ subscribers on YouTube and has over 5 million views as of the time of this publication. This channel can be found on YouTube by searching for ‘Oscarmini’ or by visiting the website .

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