Google Pixel 7 Review: Hard to resist, but a bit of a risk

Here we go again, do you know that Google has released another product? this time the company interface has made a lot of improvements incredibly and this particular phone happens to be a little modified, following up the last year’s Google Pixel 6. The most recent Google flagship not only has a more streamlined style, but it also has a number of important improvements and functionality. This is Google’s greatest phone till date.

In this blog post we are going to share to the general public about the latest google releases mobile phone 2022 which is the Google Pixel 7 .

You are welcome to read this update you might have being looking for a latest mobile phone to buy fortunately for you came to this place. this post is about Google Pixel 7 Review. We are going to talk about the phone  specifications, design and display, operating system,

Key Features of Google Pixel 7


  • Beautiful design:                                        Only three years of platform updates
  • Incredible cameras:                                    Lackluster colors in telephoto
  • Even more useful software features:          Underwhelming battery life
  • Excellent value.

Google Pixel 7 Review

The release of this phones shows that google is now really serious with their smartphone production interface and and now have an ungaugeable wonderful product.

This new flagship pushes the limits in its quest to be the best Android phone, boasting a stunningly sophisticated design. And trust me when I say that it’s very almost that title. The Pixel 7 Pro might easily replace my current favorite Android device due to its outstanding cameras, updated Tensor G2 CPU, brighter display, and great price.

Phone Display: 

below in the table is the Google Pixel 7 concise display information, we decided to add it in table for more clarification’s you will be shocked at this phone display. as you can see the table format we used is quite simple and clear.

Pixel 7 Pro iPhone 14 Pro Galaxy S22 Ultra
Display size 6.7 inches 6.1 inches 6.8 inches
sRGB (%) 104.9 (Natural) 119.8 137.5 (Natural)
DCI-P3 (%) 74.3 (Natural) 84.8 97.4 (Natural)
Delta-E 0.28 (Natural) 0.25 0.25 (Natural)
Peak brightness (nits) 927 993 (SDR) / 1448 (HDR) 644 (SDR) / 1359 (HDR)

Google did a wonderful job on the design and display of this phone this is owing to the fact that  The 6.7-inch OLED screen on the Pixel 7 Pro has a QHD+ resolution. The Pixel 6 Pro’s display wasn’t bad, but I thought it lacked a little bit of brightness for outside use. This year, Google seems to have taken it into account as the Pixel 7 Pro is noticeably and much brighter.

Among the phones several competitors such as the samsung galaxys 22 ultra and the 14 promax this phone is quite very unique and outstanding.


I used to think the camera has no difference with the google Pixel 6 released last year but lately I found out this huge improvement on the phone. these will marvel you.

The Pixel 7 Pro has a triple camera system on the back. The 50MP primary sensor handles the most of the work, and it delivers the results I had hoped for. At a superwide angle, the 12MP ultrawide sensor excels at capturing detail. The 48MP telephoto camera, which has a 5x optical zoom level, is another option. The 10.8MP selfie camera on the front performs admirably in most circumstances.

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