How to Download Instagram Videos, Stories, Reels, Highlights and IG Photos on PC or Mobile (iOS, Android)

Hello Folks, I want to show you How to Download Instagram Videos, Stories, Reels, Highlights and IG Photos on PC or Mobile. you and I know very well that being a social media influencer involves you performing a very difficult task, Instagram being one of the major social media platform that makes one influence. Some time most people find it very difficult to download their Instagram videos, Stories, Reels, and Highlights etc. panic no more this post is right here because of you.

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Here you will learn the How to Download Instagram Videos, Stories, Reels, Highlights and IG Photos on PC or Mobile, In case you are  have being looking for this very update for a long time now then you owe us some gratitude.

Sharing high-quality photos and videos that accurately portray your business or its products is one way to increase your Instagram presence because we are all aware of how crucial visual content is for businesses.

How to Download Instagram Videos

I’ll outline several ways to download Instagram videos in this article, organized as follows:

Download using desktop programs (VideoHunter, VideoProc, HitPaw, EaseUS, and WinX)

There are several ways that you can download instagram Videos using the above desktop progams.

Download using the VideoHunter:


You can use this app to download an Instagram video. A reliable and excellent video downloader is VideoHunter. Its user-friendly user interface makes downloading any video simple. Once more, you should not download or share any downloaded videos without the owner’s consent.

To download with the VideoHunter, Steps to follow includes:

  1. Copy the URL of your preferred Instagram video and paste it into the VideoHunter input box.
  1. Click “Analyze” and it will provide multiple choices of output formats for your option.
  2. Choose the output format you prefer and click “Download”. Its batch download feature is worth a try, saving you time.

This app supports downloading only the audio of the respective video. Click on the drop-down icon beside “Download” and choose “audio” to save the audio instead of the full video.

Downloading With VideoProc Converter

A video processing tool called VideoProc was created to assist businesses in editing, converting, or resizing videos and include audio files. Employees can use the application to automate video transcoding tasks and improve video output quality and file size.

Hence Download with a VideoProc includes: Downloading with a Converter, developed by Digiarty Software, does more than just convert videos for you to different formats. It has a function that enables you to download Instagram videos.

Downloading with the HitPaw Video Converter

Another app that performs tasks other than video conversion for you is HitPaw’s Video Converter. Its notable features include the ability to crop, cut, and convert videos as well as add watermarks to them.

Additionally, this app enables you to download videos from the internet, including Instagram videos.

Download Instagram Videos via Source Code

Here is a somewhat laborious, but useful, technique for downloading Instagram videos. You can find the URL of the video by looking through the page’s source codes. See if you can accomplish this by following the directions below.

The Steps Include:

  1. Open the video that you want to download.
  2. Select Inspect element with a right-click on it. The name might differ depending on your browser and say something like View page source.
  3. Now open the Find option by pressing Ctrl and F, then put “.mp4” into the search box.
  4. piece of code will be displayed after the search. 
    Copies the link here next to src= (the link ends with .mp4).
  5. The video will begin to play when you copy and paste this link into a new tab. To download the video, use the right-click menu to select Save video as.

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