Top 10 Best Nollywood Movies Download Sites of 2022

Hello avis Movie Lovers, Are you looking for the best sites to download your latest and favorite nollywood movies? if the answer is yes, then this very post is for you.

In today’s update, I would be showing you the Top 10 Best Nollywood Movies Download Sites of 2022 do not hesitate to share this update on your various social media platforms for someone to benefit as well.

Nollywood movies are mostly Nigerian films, we happen to see that in the Nollywood movie industry, the category of movies produce are always of four different category and they are

  • Comedy
  • Tragedy
  • Tragedy -comedy
  • Action Films

Comedy films: the comedy films of the Nollywood indurstry are mainly Nigerian movies that majorly comic stories, fictions. ment to drive much laughter and joy from its viewers this is the type most people love to watch.

Tragedy films: the tragedy films are mainly the nollywood movies with tragedy stories and fictions that are majorly sorrowful movies. this is the type I dont like to watch since I was a kid.

Tragedy -comedy: they are films with stories of both tragedy and comedy stories.

Action Films: this category is mainly movies with high level of voilent actions and drama, in most cases our young people see them as gunshot movies. they are always interested with this category of movies weather it is meaningful or not.

If you are ready ?

lets proceed into it.

10 Best Nollywood Movies Download Sites of 2022

  • The NetNaija
  • NaijaPrey
  • Seriezloaded
  • YouTube
  • Airtel TV
  • Glo TV
  • RealNolly TV
  • Netflix

The Netniaja. is the major top ranking site where you could get any kind of nollywood movie on free download. it is site trusted and relaible to provide you with you favourite and latest nollywood movie according to when they are released on netflix and that is why I call it my movie hub.

Thethnaija is a website where you could get most news and media download center. Latest music, videos, music, movies etc.


this is a website where you can download most nollywood, bollywood and hollywood movies online. NaijaPrey is a music, movies and entertainment website that deals with mp3 download, mp4 download, movies download and many more.


Serieloaded is one of the top ranking movie download site for 2022 where you can download most nollywood, Hollywood, Bollywood movies in a  sharp and fast download.

If you want download any nollywoood Movie

  • Just go straight on your google browser, type
  • enter the website use the search button to download any desired Nigerian movie of your chioce.


Watching nollywood movies from youtube is quite easy but it has limited account for full movies. it quite excruciating that most people dont know that the youtube is quite a gold mine to download  and stream any Nigerian movie of your choice just in a simple step just type the desired movie of your choice on the search bar .even if you dont have any movie in mind just type nollywood Movies .

Airtel TV

Airtel TV offers free streaming of Nigerian movies on their Airtel TV app. With this app, you can stream any latest Nollywood movies for free and with zero subscription. All you just need to do is download the Airtel TV app, have active data on your Airtel Sim and begin to stream the latest movies on your Android device.

Airtel TV is not a website but rather an app that offers free streaming of Nollywood movies for free, it’s one of the best places to watch Nigerian movies on Android.

Iroko TV has been around for a while, even before the likes of Netnaija became popular. Based on my observations, Iroko TV offers the most recent and some of the best Nigerian movies available.

Iroko TV has a dedicated app where you can watch its latest movies and uploads, and if you’re looking for movies that will keep you entertained all day, Iroko TV is the place to go.

RealNolly TV

RealNollyTV is one of the best website.s for downloading Nigerian movies. Simply log in or sign up and start watching any movie of your choice

With just N700, you can watch and download any Nigerian movie for 30 days straight, and you can also download these movies. RealNollyTV offers good Nigerian movies that are up to date and of various genres; you can bookmark this website as your favorite place to watch Nollywood movies.


Another website where you can watch Nigerian movies online on Android and iOS is Ibaka TV. Users can also stream and download movies from this website’s application. All you have to do is download their app or go to their website to start watching any movie of your choice.

For watching Nigerian movies online, these websites offer that service for free and some actually need a subscription that is worth paying for. There are other websites you can try out as well or name some you know in the comment section. Ibaka TV is another website you can watch Nigerian movies online on Android and iOS, this website also has an application that makes streaming and downloading of movies very convenient for its users. All you just need to do is download their app or visit the website and begin to watch any movie of your choice.

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