Huawei GT3 SE Smartwatch Review

Huawei’s iconic GT series have a new member lighter, about the price but is it the same way about the features, should we get to know better about the Huawei watch GT3 SE, Why not let’s inspect. Welcome to Buspartab and this is where cool technology meets thorough reviews.

And every time I get to see something which is my area of expertise there’s somehow no way of skipping it. And much, the same happens with these brand new smartwatch coming from Huawei, and as you probably know, when I saw the gt3se, which is this one over here.


I immediately thought I need to find out how it differs from the original GT3 which I’ve been using all the time throughout 2022 because no matter, what kind of Smartwatch I was testing I somehow felt the need to go back to the GT series, So in this episode our thorough inspection, and of course the idea to expose all the strengths, but also all the weaknesses and figure out how the GT e3se ranks against its competitors.

As a starter Huawei watch gt3se has almost the same price as the GT3 it’s launched at 179 Euro in Europe and unfortunately will follow the faith of most other Huawei mate devices and not appear officially in the States, but it will still be orderable via International websites like eBay, and AliExpress even its specs and health tracking features is going to compete against devices like a maizefield gtr4.

Some of the mainstream garment products, and maybe even some of the prosumer sports watches. Going straight to the unboxing, a new style this time Huawei brings some lighter colors and the Box looks quite fresh, they won’t make us wait for too long before we get our hands on the watch itself. Because here it is pretty nice looking the colors are indeed’s quality well corresponding to the needs of people that maintain sporty life, and are looking to match this style to the Smartwatch that they wear.

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The case is plastic here, the goal is to reduce the weight of the watch you’re going to notice some ideas inspired by the GT Runner Series, this is small like the bridge between the Runner Edition and a more classic looking GT3, I must admit that there are certain concerns in my mind about the plastic material of the lugs, because other models have shown that especially after some time this can turn into a trouble.

I personally tried to stay away from anything but metal Lux, the overall design is awesome and the choice of colors once again seems to be Trending, setting the bottom area hosts the health tracking sensors or at least most of them and with exception for the material it just looks like the regular GT3, one other thing to note the edges of the case to go above the display glass it’s a very good idea, about keeping it in mid condition for longer periods of time besides the interesting design.

There are some promising specs as well the watch has 1.43 inch display, resolution is 466 by 466 pixels, seems to use the same chipset as the slightly older GT3, supports the popular public global Positioning Systems, there are a bunch of sensors present like the advanced HR and spo2 tracking, there’s the inbuilt barometer a 455Amh hour battery which can last about 2 weeks per charge more than 100 tracked workout modes, plus a training assistant, and the watch weighs only 35.6 grams to frame all of these specs into simple words.

I believe this Smartwatch is more or less the GT Runner Edition re-released at almost half of the price and I believe this makes perfect sense, because many people would think why do they do it almost a year after the GT render has appeared, the truth is that the GT Runner contains a lot of very interesting courses, it’s like a sports companion that you have all the time for free and probably that was kind of inflating the price of the GT Runner. So obviously Huawei decided to re-release it at a much more affordable price with slightly more different design.

And probably the major reason to do so, is that finally the race integration for Strava in Huawei Health smartphone app and as you probably know for most athletes, there is no integration to Strava that’s kind of a no-go device which is really a great achievement by Huawei, and I’m pretty sure that finally these SmartWatches are going to be something that people who practice pause a lot more are finally going to take into consideration. other than that you can notice that the design with the original GT3 is very similar.

This is definitely sportier unfortunately one of my favorite features here, the digital rotating Crown is obviously missing because if I go to the app launcher kind of a gimmick doesn’t scroll and that’s fairly annoying. Also while the hardware is pretty capable the scrolling speed is fantastic, and a lot of tracking features are there in the series, no Wi-fi module. When I got this watch there have been two firmware updates and I need it almost four hours in order to push these updates to the watch, because they have been Bluetooth drops, the watch was unexpectedly rebooting during these updates, and honestly that’s not really the software experience you’re looking for from a smartwatch in the end of 2022.

Now diving into the menus, this is a well-known way of interaction with the watch, the top button opens the app list and acts as a home button or triggers an activity, the other button launches the workouts by default and this is a customizable button I still cannot forgive the absence of scrolling support, through the crown but if you eventually settle for Endless crawling and get used to it it kind of feels the same as Generation 1 or 2 of the series.

The amount of apps is almost the same as the GT3, and the home screen can be in the form of a grid or a list, the health tracking related app Superior at the start here. The workouts are probably the most interesting section, because you have access to a lot of course and trainings, that you can use this is precious and extremely Helpful. if you’re starting to build up your body’s stamina try to keep your heart rate between 96 and 144.

I hope that we’ve covered most of the questions you might have, in case you have more then the invited comments are down below the comment section we are going to respond to you as soon as possible

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