Oppo Find X5 Pro Review | Still Good in 2023?

Now one of my favorite smartphones Oppo Finds X5 Pro Review from last year is this lovely slab of ceramic right here the Oppo Find X5 Pro I thought you could never accuse it of being solid value for money, this gorgeous but rather expensive rectangle cost eye water and 1 200 pounds when it first launched in 2022 which is just a wee bit mental and also kind of hard to justify when the likes of the Pixel 7 Flagship smartphone is hundreds of pounds cheaper but thankfully that price has dropped a little bit in 2023.

So now you can snuffle yourself your very own Oppo FindX 5 Pro for just 900 pounds ah and with the launch of oppo’s find X6 series lurking just around the corner, that cost me well drop a bit more real soon but is this blower actually still worth considering in 2023?

When we have Alternatives such as the pixel 7 Pro and the Xiaomi 12T Pro, well I’ve been regularly returning to this phone these past few months, to see how it’s been holding up but I’ve had my sim slapped in there full time this past week so here’s my full review of the finex5 Pro re-review.


Oppo Find X5 Pro

When I originally reviewed the find X5 Pro I had the black model and it proved to be a proper smudgy bugger that constantly cut it in fingery filth even if you spent half your day wiping it on your pants thankfully I did manage to swap this out for the white model not long after and while this undoubtedly still gets proper smudgy and greasy, that pale finish does a remarkable job of hiding all that grease and grime an opportunity looks bloody lovely too from that subtle logo action to the gentle Contour of the camera bump. it’s a seemingly simple yet unique and distinctive design that has drawn more than a few positive reactions from friends and family over the months.

And being ceramic it is a proper hard case as well not a single scratch anywhere on that RS, end or on the metal film that separates the glass on the front from the glass on the back, and speaking of that glass around the front it is the original Gorilla Glass victus which I found is very good at not shattering into tiny razor-sharp fragment, when you face plant the bugger on a concrete floor but unfortunately, it does scratch up far too easily.

One aspect of this smartphone’s design that I really don’t like is the fact that it is so bloody slippery, I keep leaving it on the arm of my sofa and then thinking it’ll still be there, when I come back from Mickey Mouse of a cup of tea or fetch myself a glass of water or look at Pond liquor it’s always hard liquor.

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Anyway moving on to the software experience, this has been upgraded to color OS 13 based on the latest Android 13 OS, and unlike one UI on that Galaxy s22 Ultra which I also recently re-reviewed I thought the experience has been pleasingly Jank free. Here on the Oppo Fine X5 Pro, this one has been very well-behaved most of those color OS 13 changes get a thumbs up from me including the more prominent media controls, the Bolder fonts, and of course the heroine always on display updates where you can watch your fluffy penguin’s Offspring gradually copied as that temperature rises.

However, one feature here on the fine 5 Pro that doesn’t work quite as well as many Flagship Rivals is the in-display Optical fingerprint sensor. I found that if my hands were even ever so slightly moist this basically just falls on its ass and cannot recognize me to save its life thankfully face recognition is a lot more dependable, if not quite as secure and the lack of micro SD memory card support is a bit of a bum as well.

Although is pretty standard for Flagship smartphones these days, thankfully it got 256 gigs of on-board storage, here I still haven’t managed to fill that up despite lots and lots of camera play and downloading shares and likes of Netflix and these are now I’ve got nothing new to say about this device


Oppo Find X5 Pro Display

the device comes with a 6.7 inch AMOLED display with its deliciously crisp quid plus resolution like many smartphones these days, that cost even just 400-ish quid or more. The fine X5 Pro sets up 10-bit color and HDR support. So movies ensure look rather Ruddy wonderful every frame is packed with detail and that 120-hertz refresh rate means that visuals are creamy, smooth movies also sound properly Lush with the Dolby Atmos support and that stereo speaker setup, which is powerful enough to keep the audio crisp and pretty clear in trouble.

Some of the loud places and over the months, like the mobile connectivity I’ve had no bother whatsoever from the Bluetooth streaming back, when I first reviewed the fine X5 Pro I did notice a crackling sound every time I hibernated the phone when it was streaming to a pair of bluetooth headphones or whatever. But thankfully that bug seems to have been Stamped Out no such issues anymore.

So overall this Smartphone is a bit of a beast when it comes to Media if not quite as packed with nerdy features as the Sony Xperia 1.


Now running the show here is Qualcomm Snapdragon gen 1 with a respectable 12 gigs of RAM to keep things moving along smoothly and over these past few months. I certainly haven’t noticed any kind of slowdown or other performance-related issues as you’d kind of Hope from a smartphone that cost over a thousand bloody pounds.

Of course, the 8 gen 1 is known for occasionally getting a little bit hot under the color but Oppo has wisely smushed a proper cooling system into the Phoenix 5 Pro with all kinds of vapor chamber graffiti layer, goodness and while that offset does get pretty warm when you’re gaming around the top end near the camera bump.

I haven’t noticed any kind of throttling of that performance even if I spend an hour or two being generally to tension impact, that frame rate thankfully sticks close to 60 frames per second and the gameplay is beautifully smooth.

The only other times I’ve noticed any kind of heat buildup IS when I’ve been using the cameras a lot and not just shooting video with the camera also when I’ve been Skyping for more than about 20 or 30 minutes that top end can get a bit toasty but again it doesn’t seem to apologize for performance or anything everything still runs as you would expect, and if you are a gamer that color OS gaming mode is still very handy if you want to tweak the screen sensitivity, block your boss from pestering you in the middle of an afternoon-long gentian session.

Charging Capacity

Well, no worries you can fill it back up again in a jiffy you’ve got that 80-watt superfood fast charging, otherwise if you’ve got a wireless charger kicking about the place 50-watt air vac charging support as well.

Charging Capacity


Of course one of the very best features of the Oppo Find X5 Pro, when it first launched was that camera setup of course that was before the pixel 7 phones and several other big rivals from the likes of Xiaomi came along. Now the main camera sensor here on the Find x 5 Pro is Sony’s 50-megapixel IMX 766, one of the most common and popular smartphone camera sensors of 2022.

Above most Rivals including the five-axis Optical image stabilization and oppo’s marasilicon, over posh and fancy pants and the result was very good, low light photography but is it still Superior in 2023? well, several months on the fine 5 Pro is still better than most of the competition when the lighten ends great, including Samsung’s Galaxy s22 Ultra and Sony’s Xperia one but those pixel 7 phones are just as capable in low light and in fact, in very low light Google’s blowers are absolutely on top still.

Though the fine X5 Pro should please anyone who wields it after dark with its accurate color capture and impressive noise reduction you can expect bright appeal and pick with finer detail, than most of the camera phones can capture unless your subject moves that is which case the photo will look in a stronger light the final X5, Pro is still a winner don’t get too close to your subject as the focus will struggle.

Now occasionally I’ll bust out the Oppo Fine X5 Pros 50-megapixel Ultra wide angle lens which is certainly one of the best on any smartphone that I’ve tested especially in crappy lighten however. While the 13-megapixel telephoto lens is quite handy for casual family shots, where you don’t want to intrude it’s nowhere near as powerful as the zoom skills of the pixel 7 Pro, the Galaxy s22 Ultra, and many other expensive blowers.

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Video Quality

Now the video is one area where the Oppo Find X5 Pro actually beats the Pixel 7 series, for me, it’s right up there with Samsung smartphones on likes the Xiaomi 12T Pro, for shooting crisp gorgeous 4K video with excellent stabilization, and clear audio pickup.

At night time it’s excellent again reducing the noise and grain that often makes low light video look like a sack of pants and in a better light. You can skip merrily between the different lenses and shoot into the lights whatever you feel like the Find 5 Pro corpse admirably last up swap to the selfie Cam, and you can capture photos that once again look good if not quite as lovely as those snapped around.

I still really enjoy using it as my full-time smartphone very few gripes indeed, but that said unfortunately it does still cost close to a grand and with a glut of Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 phones, incoming you might want to hold on a wee bit longer before slapping down your cash.

if you see a great deal on it of course definitely go for it and that’s what I think what do you guys reckon have you been using the Oppo phonics 5 pros as your full-time smartphone be greater your mini-reviews down in the comments below please do plug subscribe and ding notifications Bell for more on the latest and greatest deck and have yourselves already wonderful rest of the week Charles [Music]

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