Samsung Galaxy One UI 5.0 Features & Review

Samsung has a new user interface rolling out one UI 5.0 based on Android 13. so let’s do a quick overview of the Samsung Galaxy One UI 5.0 Features & Review and then jump into what’s near wood version.

Galaxy One UI 5.0 Main Features

Let’s start off with the basics one UI is Samsung’s interface and software package which you’ll find across all of its phones from the flagships all the way down to the entry-level devices. it’s pretty future-packed, and its Vivid colors and large icons provide a signature look, the prominent place you can store your apps is the app drawer which is on by default. You can also keep all of your apps on the home screen in this case swiping up on the screen will open a system-wide search for pre-installed apps.

You get the usual Suite from Google and some Microsoft apps, as well as the two companies, have a close partnership, of course, there are also Samsung’s proprietary apps like the web browser which has an ad blocker and a file manager, the gallery, and the notes app the task switcher is pretty straightforward with a long press, you can open apps in a split screen or pop-up View mode.

Samsung Galaxy One UI 5.0

One staple Samsung feature is The Edge panel an area for shortcuts that you access by swiping from the edge of the screen, from here it’s easy to launch apps into a split screen and you can store shortcuts for split screen pairs as well you can also use the power button as a shortcut to launch a particular app.

The camera or Bixby Samsung’s AI assistant Samsung’s game launcher acts as a hub for all your games and also provides do not disturb options and shortcuts to social media platforms, the secure folder is really handy for keeping files and apps hidden and safe it’s protected by Samsung’s so-called nox encryption. And you can add a passcode or biometric lock.


let’s talk about connectivity, Samsung’s decks allow you to connect your phone to a monitor either wirelessly or through HDMI to achieve a pc-like interface, if you have any Bluetooth peripherals you can connect them to the phone and enjoy the full Dex PC experience, altogether you get something like a desktop PC and you can play games or watch videos on the big screen.

Dex is only available on the flagship cell, not the Samsung mid-rangers and finally, Samsung has been quite reliable in providing software updates, for its phones for years down the line and has recently doubled down on delivering the One ui5 update across the lineup as fast as possible, now let’s get into what’s new with the latest version of the interface one UI 5.0.

A lot has been added here, but first and foremost I want to talk about how speedy it feels. Samsung was never known for having the smoothest or fastest user experience but the performance is supposed to be improved here. And subjectively it does feel noticeably more responsive than before, the looks have also gotten revamped with larger app icons and more contrasty color notification cards.

The drop-down menu appears with a bigger colorful icon of the app and the text alignment, is also optimized for better readability like before the phone can create color palettes system-wide themes. Which are based on the colors of your wallpaper but now the color combinations are even more extensively supported, widgets can be stacked on top of each other on the home screen and you switch between them by swiping.

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We already saw this in one UI 4.1 but only on the flagships it’s super easy to customize, your lock screen and there’s even a video wallpaper option that lets you place a short video as your background.

Bixby text call lets you take calls via text message whatever the other person says is translated to text and your answers via text will be read to them by an AI, this one’s language is restricted for now it’s already available in Korean and will come out for the English language.

Sometime this year speaking of languages, one useful feature integrated from Android 13 is that you can choose a different language for individual apps, one UI 5.0 comes with new gestures for multitasking you can open the split screen view by swiping upward with two fingers from the bottom of the screen, or you can switch from full screen to pop-up view by swiping inward with one finger, from either corner at the top of the screen.

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One ui5 brings some new AI-based functionality too, for example, it can recommend Widgets or apps to you based on your usage patterns modes allow the phone to trigger automated actions on the device when it detects certain preset conditions for example if it detects that you’re driving.

It can turn on do not disturb and some music streaming routines, do the same sort of thing but these are more customizable, you set them up from scratch and they can be triggered by various parameters like actions or time the routines and modes have a lot to do with do not disturb options.

And these can now be fine-tuned all the way down to individual contacts or apps one feature from Android 13 itself is that when you use an app for the first time you’ll be asked if you want notifications from it, at all say no and you don’t have to worry about it disturbing you when ui5 brings a new connected devices menu. from here you can see what’s connected and you have access to all the features that work with other devices like Quick Share Smart View and Dex.

Galaxy One UI 5.0 Main Features

Thanks to the new privacy Hub your security and privacy options are now easier to navigate from, here you can access the security and privacy dashboards and quickly check out and alter these sorts of settings Android 13 deletes your clipboard after a while just in case you copied some sensitive data into it.

Samsung takes this a step further alerting you if your clipboard gets accessed by an app, plus if you try to share a photo with sensitive info inside you’ll get a prompt asking you for confirmation this recognition of info inside of photos, also enables you to extract text from your images within the gallery for easy sharing or saving into your notes.

The software can even go a step further when text is found within an image, you can directly use it to perform certain actions like calling a phone number or visiting a website the gallery itself, can be tidied up. Thanks to new organization options and the pen tool in the photo editor.

Is a lot neater to use to create perfect shapes and straight lines out of your scribbles, another neat feature is that you can use your photos to create reusable stickers for your chats and social media, the camera app has seen a bit of an update too. now you have a histogram and pro mode to help you get The Perfect Exposure.

And you can add a custom Watermark or date to your photos as well, so there you have it guys one UI has evolved a lot with each generation and the latest version packs a ton of features and is even more fluid and responsive. have I missed anything let us know in the comments below and I will see you on the next update?

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